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Friday, October 4, 2013

Superior magazine: vintage lingerie

photographer: Alesya Kornetskaya
stylist: Émilie Debonville 
makeup: Annie Bessette
hair: Ryan Turner 
model: Léa Girard Nadeau / Montage models
location: Carrie MacPherson's appartment/ old port of Montreal

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jewelry: Holt Renwfrew

Photographer, retoucher Alesya Kornetskaya

Models: Camille @Folio, Etienne @Dulcedo

Makeup artist and styling: Annie Bessette

Hair: Vanessa Guarascio

Assistant: Varvara Kameneva

Jewelry, dresses: Holt Renfrew

Monday, April 22, 2013

The MeatMarket Welcomes Digital Retoucher Alesya Kornetskaya!

Big Monday news! The MeatMarket Welcomes Digital Retoucher Alesya Kornetskaya.
Now you can also read news about me and my work on TheMeatMarket.
I'm working on few videos and few articules about high-end retouching ! 
Stay tuned !!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Etienne St-germain @DULCEDO

Model: Etienne St-germain DULCEDO Model Management
Hair & Makeup: Annie Bessette Makeup Artist/ Artiste maquilleuse

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Behind The Scene / Photo shoot for Studio Adonnics

Video from my latest photo shooting for Studio Adonnics. Check it out)

photographer: Alesya Kornetskaya /

artistic derector: Adonna Greaves

assistant and camera man: Anastasia Artemova

video editor: Anna Khivi

models: Emerson Turnier, Julien Sirard

for Studio Adonnics /

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A bit of summer during the winter !

It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to shoot something summery and sultry to add a few sun-kissed photographs to my portfolio. The first step wasn’t difficult – it had to be an outdoor pool. Therefore, we turned to Hotel Quintessence in Mont-Tremblant for breathtaking views and luxury facilities.

I wanted to be able to harmoniously combine both water and sky in the photographs. Luckily, on the day of the photo shoot, the weather was playing in our favor by giving us brightness and heat as well as an abundance of clouds which added contrast and created a lavish ambience in the photos.

Selecting the swimwear didn’t take up much time. We all know and love the sleek, elegant and stylish designs from the Canadian swimwear line Marina Marina.   

My trusted team of professionals did a fantastic job. Everything was top-notch, the day was incredibly enjoyable and we were all pleased with the photo shoot. 

The talented make-up artist Annie Bessette greatly succeeded with the challenge she was presented with. The model’s skin had to have a luscious, bronze tone, reflecting the heated atmosphere of the day. The precise make-up for every look was executed perfectly.  Additionally, each look was embellished with designer shoes and jewellery provided by Holt Renfrew. Wearing Jimmy Choo’s for black look and Christian Louboutin's for color look, the color swimsuit was accessorized with sunglasses by Gucci and ring with earrings by Kenneth G. Lane. As for the black swimsuit, the sunglasses were by Tom Ford and necklace with earring by Marni.

    The model Lamyae (MONTAGE Agency) was excellent! The swimsuits looked stunning on her lustrous tanned figure. Lamyae’s atypical beauty completely charmed me. Her plump lips and prominent cheekbones showcased pure finesse.

    To slightly enhance the natural light, I used one studio light Profoto with a stripbox and grid. The camera was Nikon D700 with lenses Nikkor 80-200mm f 2:8 and 24-70mm f 2:8, light disk.

    The high end retouching beautifully finalized this successful project.

    Big thanks to Varvara Kameneva for her assistance and to everyone who devoted their time and effort!

    As of now, I can say that my team is working on a multitude of new projects of which we will tell later on!

    Follow our updates and enjoy the photographs!

Photographer and retoucher Alesya Kornetskaya
Model: Lamyae @MONTAGE
Makeup artist, hair and styling: Annie Bessette
Assistant: Varvara Kameneva
Designer: Marina Marina
Jewelry and shoes: Holt Renfrew
Location : Hotel Quintessence